Why I'm offering a Yoga for Pelvic Wellness workshop now

    Yoga for Pelvic Health workshop February 2022 1

    Things have got worse for many people with pelvic health issues during this pandemic. STRESS is a big factor. The pelvic floor muscles and our gut are barometers for stress. If you've noticed more pelvic pain, bladder issues or digestive problems, you're not alone. Difficulties in accessing health care, treatments, and support services have not helped. Compounding this is social isolation and other factors that have forced a change in the way we want to live our lives.

    Here are a few examples of pelvic health struggles people are dealing with: 

    "I'm having a hard time taking my mom anywhere because she needs to stop and pee what seems like every 20 minutes. It's especially bad when we have to go to the doctor. We ruled out a UTI (urinary tract infection). I used to be able to take her to restaurants and shopping, but I don't think we can do that anymore".

    Anyone struggling with "gotta go, gotta go NOW!" (a.k.a urgency) knows how difficult it's been during COVID to find a public washroom when you need it. This problem is extremely common, affects people of all ages and is surprisingly manageable with a few strategies (none of which involve incontinence pads).

    Three mothers talking at a children's birthday party confide that none want to go play on the bouncy castle because they might leak urine.

    Thank goodness these moms had the courage to break the silence around incontinence. Shame surrounds this common issue. As Brené Brown said. “Shame hates it when we reach out and tell our story. It hates having words wrapped around it - it can't survive being shared.” One of the moms might have shared that she heard that pelvic physiotherapy might help. Another might have talked about how they’ve had this problem since their second child was born. Talking about the issue can be an important next step to getting help.

    “I’m finding sex painful, and it’s got worse since menopause. The doctor said having intercourse more often would help my problem. The difficulty is that painful intercourse is my problem!”

    Dyspareunia is the medical term for pain with intercourse. Multiple possible causes exist, and few people seek medical help. This is tragic, given that the problem is treatable, and people can be empowered with lifestyle, yoga and products/devices. Untreated, painful sex can have a negative impact on intimate relationships, self-esteem, and quality of life. Pelvic physiotherapists can help, as can yoga techniques to relax the mind and body.

    These are some examples of pelvic health concerns that will be addressed at my workshop. Let's work together to break the silence and ease the suffering. Your family member, friend, or co-worker could be dealing with a pelvic health issue and is too embarrassed to seek help. They might also mistakenly believe that their problem is a natural result of their sex, aging, or pregnancy/childbirth. Please share this information far and wide!

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