How Yoga Connects My Grief, Trauma and Pelvic Wellness Offerings

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    Where there is trauma, there is grief.
    Trauma always involves loss. A person's life changes after trauma. It's not an option to just go back to life as it was before the trauma. Some people describe their life in two parts: life before the trauma and life after the trauma.

    Where there is grief, there can be trauma.
    Many, but not all losses involve trauma. People respond differently to similar events, thus some will experience trauma with grief and others will not.Psychologists Pat Ogden and Janina Fisher identify trauma as any stressful experience that leaves us feeling helpless, frightened, overwhelmed or profoundly unsafe.

    Where there are pelvic health issues there can be trauma and/or grief.
    The pelvic floor is the first muscle group to respond to a threat. These muscles can become constantly tense, causing a variety of pelvic health concerns including incontinence and pain. Pelvic trauma (e.g. from surgery, childbirth, injury or sexual trauma) is a risk factor for pelvic health issues.

    Pelvic health issues can result in grief and/or trauma
    Problems such as pelvic pain or prolapse, sexual difficulties, and incontinence can have a huge impact on quality of life. Losses may include social isolation, struggles with intimacy and giving up enjoyable activities. Invasive and/or ineffective medical procedures, being told "nothing can be done" or chronic symptoms over which the person has no control can be traumatic.

    Yoga works on the nervous system to address grief, trauma and pelvic wellness. Yoga reduces stress and inflammation which decreases pain and anxiety. With trauma and pelvic health issues, a disconnect between the mind and body can occur. Yoga helps restore this mind-body connection. As a person learns to deal directly with their symptoms, they feel empowered. I have personally experienced these benefits with myself and others using yoga for traumatic grief and pelvic health.

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