Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

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    Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends was developed by the late educator and therapist, Dr. Bruce Fisher. The program and book by the same name is based on his personal experience of divorce and more than 20 years leading his seminars for separated people. 

    Rebuilding uses the image of a mountain to describe the process of emotional adjustment after separation.  Healing from separation is literally like climbing a mountain made up of 19 'rebuilding blocks'. The rebuilding blocks act as a guide or map prepared by others who have travelled the trail. 

    The blocks at the base of the mountain represent Denial, Fear, Grief and Loneliness.  As a person moves through these difficult stages, they encounter other blocks such as Anger, Friendship, Guilt/Rejection, and Self-worth. Towards the top, they reach the Letting Go, Openness, Trust and Purpose blocks. Those who accomplish the climb are rewarded with a beautiful view atop the rebuilding block of Freedom. 

    The time it takes to climb the mountain varies from person to person. Research has shown that on average it takes about a year to get above the ‘tree line’, or the really painful and negative stages of the climb. Some people will need three to five years to reach the top. However, it’s finishing the climb, and not the time it takes, which matters.

    Feeling the pain of the losses and examining what went wrong in the relationship isn't easy. The Rebuilding Group provides a life-changing opportunity to recover with the support of others who truly understand. Lasting friendships form over the course of the group. The confidential, non-dating setting helps people feel at ease and regain their confidence in relationships, so they can consider future love relationships with 'eyes wide open'. 

    In the words of one participant, “Through every chapter and through every class, our group discovered that we are still who we are, just wounded and that this wound needs to heal in stages. It taught us that it was normal and o.k. for us to feel all these overwhelming emotions. We learned to listen to each other, we learned not to judge, we learned compassion, understanding but most of all we learned to believe in ourselves. I learned so much about myself and how to recognize my own patterns of negative behaviour I never knew existed before. I had to trust in myself again and deal with my fears, my beliefs, my patterns, who I thought I was and who I really was.” 

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